Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's go to Kilwins

Let's go to Kilwins and satisfy our sweet tooth and our desire for chocolate bliss. Walking into any Kilwins chocolate shop is a treat for the senses. The scent of all that eewy goowy chocolate and caramel is divine. I wish I could stick the whole store in a candle jar b/c it smells sooooo good! The have been making homemade chocolate treats since 1947. Locations can be found throughout Florida and a few other states. We go to the one in St. Augustine, Fl. If you live near a Kilwins or ever get the chance to go to one, then take a moment to enjoy the chocolaty scents and then treat yourself to one(or two) of their many treats to choose from.

I love anything with chocolaty swirly whirlies.
If you live in or visit Florida, then you know we have a certain fondness for alligators.
It is better to eat an alligator (especially one made of chocolate), than to be eaten by one.

My Daughter especially loves Kilwins ice cream. They make the waffle cones right there before your very eyes. Whenever she has a yummy ice cream treat in her hand, the rest of the world fades away and it is just her and the ice cream.

---Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten


Katie said...

(thanks so much for posting on my blog! It's about time for another post or

I LOVE Kilwins! I moved to NC in 2002 and had never experienced walking into a Kilwin's before are right about the smell -- it just hits you right in the face! My daughter loves the "Superman" ice cream -- the one with several different neon colors. I just love to ogle all the fudge...

julie said...

oh! yummy!!!! i love st augustine and all its goodies!

Kirsten said...

My daughter is bonkers for the Superman ice cream too! My fav is the Maple Walnut.