Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Little Girls are made of....

What are little girls made of ? Ribbons and Lace. Pearls and Bows. Fancy Shoes and little white gloves.

1st Communion Dress fit for a Princess......Princess Saylor

I added the white ROSE.

and I added the 3 Flowers to each sleeve.

I added 3 PEARL Buttons to the back

LITTLE Girlsand  BIG Bows are the BEST Combination

Saylor decided on which 1st Communion veil she liked best

Fancy WHITE Shoes and Fancy white GLOVES

A Gift From MEMA for Saylor; her very 1st Crucifix
to wear on her 1st Communion.


julie said...

hey kirsten! beautiful pictures! and i love the touches that you added to her dress! did you make the dress? congratulations saylor! she looks beautiful!

Kirsten said...

Thanks so much! I did not make the dress, I just added a few embellishments to it such as the rose, flowers, and buttons. It was a memorable day!