Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Eyeshadow...because it is like a mermaid color

My beautiful brown-eyed girl spent her allowance on play make-up from Justice-Just for Girls 
I had a fun rainy afternoon indulging in girlish whimsy as I watched and helped her put on make-up. I had to remind her that the make-up was just for play and her response was, "I know. I know." After trying the purple eye-shadow, she decided she loves the green sparkle eyeshadow the best because it reminded her of a color a mermaid might choose to wear.....and of course, mermaids are known for their beauty savvy.

Hmmm, which color lip gloss should I choose?


A little eyeshadow

Ready for her Close-Up

Yes, sweet girl, I like the green eyeshadow too. But you are far more beautiful than any mermaid.
-----Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten


Anonymous said...

Ok first I must tell you that I LOVE the name of your blog and I feel your pain. I've always been called Kirsten instead of Kristen so now I just tell people to call me Kris. haha. And your daughter is beautiful! How fun that must have been to spend an afternoon playing with makeup. Not much of that happening in my house!! -Kris;-D

Kirsten said...

I am glad to hear a positive response to my blog name. I have been rolling the idea around of changing it to something a little less snarky. It is funny that you are always called Kirsten and I have the opposite problem. Who knew the placement of two little letters (i and r) could confuse the world. haha. It looks like you have some wonderful young princes in your home. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Happy Blogging.