Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mochi Madness

I have discovered Mochi and now I'm addicted!!!!! So is my daughter. How did I not know about Mochi? Am I the only person on the planet who has not heard of these awesome little yummies??? Mochi it turns out is Japanese rice cakes made of rice pounded into paste and molded into the tiny little shapes of marshmallows. I discovered Mochi at Yogaberry when I treated my daughter to a frozen yogurt treat after a doctor appointment. I asked the young cashier what were those colorful little thingies in the section of toppings for the frozen yogurt and she said, "It's Mochi--kinda like a Japanese marshmallow." Sounded like yummy goodness to me. We have also become super addicted to Yogaberry--Organic, Fat-Free, Frozen yogurt. What's not to love? and because we have already made a few trips back to Yogaberry so we can get our Mochi fix, I now have an official Yogaberry card where once I earn 25 points, I get a freebie!!! 15 points and counting!!! My favorite is the Taro yogurt with mochi. I also wanna try honeydew and green tea frozen yogurt.......with Mochi, of course. My husband, who cannot stand yogurt, joined us on a Yogaberry trip and tried it for the first time. He LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Okay-okay, so it was frozen CHOCOLATE yogurt. But, it was yogurt nontheless and a step towards the real deal as far as I see it.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten

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