Monday, March 28, 2011

{ Mustard Seed Faith }

A little conversation between my daughter and I while I was spreading mustard on a sandwich----

"Mom, where does mustard come from?"

"It comes from tiny yellow flowers which has tiny little seeds."

"Mustard seed is mentioned in the bible."

"That's right. If you have the Faith of a Mustard Seed, then you can move a what?"

"A Mountain!"


"And nothing is impossible unto you."

Every week at my daughter's school, as part of the curriculum, the students are required to learn and memorize a bible verse. She has been doing this since Kindergarten. She is now in 3rd grade. She learned this one, Matthew 17:20 last year. Sometimes, (I say this w/ guilt) it can become tedious helping her memorize the weekly bible verse...especially 4 years of doing so. But, moments like this make it all worth while.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten

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