Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 3 of some serious never-ending downpours. The news have been announcing to folks to stay off the bridges today if at all possible due to tropical strength winds of 50+ MPH. There is flooding everywhere, but nothing like Houston-style flooding....thank goodness. However, the parking lot at the marina is underwater. Saylor went to school in rainboots today. She finds days like this so exciting. When we walked in the classroom, the teacher and some of the other kids who had already arrived already had their socks and shoes off. It'll be an interesting day in 1st grade for sure! Saylor took her Twister game to school today---the kids will be stuck inside all day and a game of Twister might add a nice twist to the day. Chapel has been cancelled due to tornado watches and warnings. The kids need to stay close to the "Tornado Room" which is a large double secured room. Last year, a tornado touched down in Orange Park and the sirens went off. Saylor's class ran from their room to the Tornado Room. She and some other kids were told to get under the tables while the bigger kids stayed in the center of the classroom. The tornado bypassed their school and instead traveled right on over onto Fleming Island and left a minor and sporadic path of broken trees down HWY 17. The school did such a fantastic job on keeping the kids from getting scared or anxious b/c Saylor didn't seem the least bit concerned about the experience. In fact, she enjoyed the added excitement to the day. This just goes to how how naive children can be during these types of circumstances.
This is perfect napping weather. However, I wonder if I shoul get the bible and turn to the page that has the blue prints for the ark and make a quick trip to Home Depot. I wonder what the 5 foot alligator in the water out back does when it floods like this? No doubt, it will have to go on the ark.

Field Day-May 2009

David and I had an enjoyable afternoon. We went to go see Saylor at her school. Today was Field Day. A first for Saylor and quite memorable b/c it rained cats and dogs. Nevertheless, the kids had fun. David filled 100 water balloons the previous night for the 1st grade---a task I voluntered him for..hehehaha! Water Balloons + Pouring Rain = lots of soaked, but smiling kids. Due to the weather, the field day was cut a little short, but the kids had a blast. Saylor really enjoyed herself and is sleeping well tonight. I will be keeping an eye out for the first sign of a sore throat or runny nose---Knock on wood. I hope she doesn't get sick. Last week of school in mid-May and the temps over the last two days have dropped to 58-63 in the middle of the afternoon due to heavy cloud cover and non-stop pouring rain, thunder, lightning. We had wind gusts of up to 50 MPH. Tomorrow will be worse according to the weather news. Rain up until next Tuesday! However, as the streets flood and as branches and limbs continue to scatter the neighborhood, the 1st graders at Grace are giddy with excitment over the last week of school!