Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Easter Dress for Saylor

What is prettier than an Easter dress? An Easter dress embroidered with lilac-colored flowers. And what is even better than that? A beautiful sweet girl to wear it....and a matching dress for her doll, of course!

Driving Miss Daisy and her doll, Felicity.

Easter Gloves....notice the dyed fingers?

New Shoes for Church

and a bunny from Daddy

He is Risen!

Mass on Easter Sunday is always joyful. The dome of our church, St. Joseph's Catholic Cathedril, is always so captivating. Each window captures an image of the Holy Spririt in the form of a dove.

Alter of our church

After Mass in front of the alter. Two dolls in identical Easter dresses.

The tomb displayed for Easter

Before heading to an Easter Brunch at Mimi's Cafe, we had to stop for some quick convenient store munchies. Saylor was famished from such a long Easter Mass.