Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Eyeshadow...because it is like a mermaid color

My beautiful brown-eyed girl spent her allowance on play make-up from Justice-Just for Girls 
I had a fun rainy afternoon indulging in girlish whimsy as I watched and helped her put on make-up. I had to remind her that the make-up was just for play and her response was, "I know. I know." After trying the purple eye-shadow, she decided she loves the green sparkle eyeshadow the best because it reminded her of a color a mermaid might choose to wear.....and of course, mermaids are known for their beauty savvy.

Hmmm, which color lip gloss should I choose?


A little eyeshadow

Ready for her Close-Up

Yes, sweet girl, I like the green eyeshadow too. But you are far more beautiful than any mermaid.
-----Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten