Friday, April 8, 2011

{ Country Fair }

Being a Texas Gal, the annual rodeo was always one of my favorite events to attend; favorite jeans, studded rhinestone belt, fancy buckle, cowgirl hat, and awesome boots.
 Moving to Florida means I now have a serious flip-flop sandal collection instead of a boot collection. The smell of tanned leather has been swapped for the smell of tropical scented suntan lotion. It isn't a bad trade off. Although I miss the rodeo, the annual local country fair here in Clay County, Florida is really nice. It has it's own small town charm feel to it especially on a beautiful Spring Day....and nothing says local country charm like a frog jumping contest and pig races, right? It reminds me of the fair in the book/movie, Charlotte's Web.

I picked up my daughter from school last Friday, had her change out of her uniform and into comfy clothes in the car, and told her we were off to the fair. She didn't believe me at first because it also happened to be April Fool's Day. But, I wasn't April Foolin' which gave me uber Best Mom in the World points.

While looking at cows and other farm animals, my daughter made an observation when she saw the bull and asked, "Mom, why do some cows only have one utter?"

Okay, is the cow in the above photo not the most cutest, sweetest, angelic cow ever? What a darling! And what about the grin on that goat?--- An under bite only a mother could love and yet still so cute!
Of course, no fair is complete without cotton candy, lemonade, and candy apples. There is also a bonafide cake and pie contest.

This being the south, you could be sure there were bags of fried pork skins, sweet tea, and fried green tomatoes. And since this is Florida, there were even alligators eggs for any one hungry enough.

The day turned into night. My daughter and I had a great time. My husband came and met us after his day of playing golf and we ended this really nice Spring day together, the 3 of us......and then I saw this totally cute propane tank as we headed toward our vehicles.

I am not by any means ever in a billion years interested in propane tanks. Propane is my husband's cup of tea, so to speak. Whenever we need propane for the grill, he is in charge of it. THIS tank, however, was adorable with the pink and the pig. If more propane tanks looked like this, I would totally take a bigger interest in tank selection. CUTE!

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten