Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{ Banana Split Bummer }

Yesterday, Saylor had a banana split. I JOKED I would pack one in her lunch kit for school. This morning she opened her lunch kit & asked w/ extreme disappointment, "Where is my banana split?" Her expression of utter disappointment and shock broke my heart. I explained that I was kidding yesterday about putting a banana split in her lunch kit and she, with total sadness on her face, said she was planning on sticking her lunch kit in the school freezer to keep her banana split from melting. NOTE: I seriously doubt she would be allowed to do such a thing at school. But, of course, this didn't cross my daughter's mind.
I can't believe she didn't realize I was just kidding about sending a banana split in her lunch kit. Kids take things so literal. She looked at her sandwich and other lunch items like they were rocks b/4 zipping her lunch kit back up. Now I feel like crap.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten