Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cella's Cherry Cordials and Childhood Memories

Anytime I come across Cella's Cherry Cordials, I am transported back to childhood and going places with my Mom. She would pull over at any one of the familiar gas stations along our typical route to the mall, school, friend's houses, etc. and fill the tank. I was familiar enough with the handful of gas stations to know that I could count on seeing a box of individually wrapped Cella's chocolate cherry cordials next to the register. They usually sold at the time for under .25 cents. I thought that they were such fancy candies and loved the shimmery red foil wrapping paper of each little cordial. My mom ALWAYS bought me two when she paid for the gas. We'd walk back to the car, my mom would turn up the radio(chances are we were listening to Ann Murray, John Denver, or Air Supply) and we'd pull away from the gas station and get back on the road. I would sit in happy contentment as I unwrapped this little chocolate delight (I am sure a few of the little red wrappers could be found on the floor of the car). Even to this day I still eat them just like I did as a child; Unwrap, toss the wrapper to the car floor, turn the cordial upside down and bite off the end to create a "cup". After eating the little chocolaty end, I would sip the sweet syrup from the cup and then eat the cherry. Then finally, I'd eat the "chocolate cup". No sooner would I be done with that one when I'd be unwrapping the second one. I don't often see Cella's Cordials for sale anymore...especially the individually wrapped cordials. But when I come across a box on a store shelf, I ALWAYS buy it and stick it far back in the fridge (I luv the hard crispness of refrigerated chocolate candy). I eat them without urgency and enjoy the childhood memories each one holds of days when my mom and I were driving around the big city of Houston, Texas. Today, I share them with my daughter and wonder what memories of simple pleasures she will remember about our time together.

-----Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten