Saturday, May 22, 2010


Whether intending to buy something or not, Tierra Fina, located in historic St. Augustine, Fl. has a way of drawing me past it's garden gates and into it's colorful outdoor shop of imported Spanish and Mexican pottery. If only I could add the scent of the star jasmin on the arbors and the sound of the wind chimes to this photo. Although I have lived in Florida for 4 yrs now, growing up in Texas gave me an appreciation for this style of pottery due to the close proximity to Mexico and many shopping trips across the border to buy pottery like this. I think that is why I also love this place b/c it reminds me of many backyards in my home state of Texas. I also love the deep sun-baked smell of this pottery. Painted swirls of sky blue and lime green might cover a clay frog or turtle. Mango-color yellows and oranges can be spotted in flowery forms on pots and plates. Such a pretty way to add color to a garden.

I think right now I love the mellony colors of the orange and yellow pots the most.

 ---Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten