Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{ Earthworm Rescue & Menacing Fairies }

After spending a very rainy day at home doing crafty stuff with my daughter, I was looking forward to going to workout and having some "me time". My husband left work and called saying he was stuck in traffic due to bad weather and would not make it in time for me to leave on my own. So, I tell my daughter to get her shoes on b/c she has to come with me and wait in the kid section while I workout. We hop in Tahoe, put our seatbelts on and won't start (insert frustration here). I call my husband and tell him about my predicament. He assumes it is the battery. Nevertheless, looks like I will not make it to my heart pumping/calorie burning class. I casually joke that perhaps God does not want me to leave the house in this horrible weather. Fast forward10 minutes later-----My daughter notices about a dozen earthworms on our lanai (Florida's fancy word for screened-in back porch---everyone here calls it a lanai. If I say "screened-in back porch", I get weird looks, so a lanai it is). The earthworms came out with all the rain and decided to crawl up under our screen door into our lanai. So we go out there and rescue them with our bare hands and place them back into the grass. My daughter whispers to me while trying to catch an especially wiggly earthworm, "Mom, I think fairies must have fiddled with your car and that is why we are still here because they wanted us to rescue the earthworms instead of you going to workout."
Ummmmm, yes, that is exactly what happened. I'm sure of it. Thanks, fairies. Thanks A LOT!

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten