Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt...Princess-Style, of course! Saylor running around the backyard looking for eggs was as sweet as could be. I can't decide which of these pics is my favorite.

Miss Easter Lily

I love this girl soooooo much!

Searching for the Golden Egg

and finding the Golden Egg

Pretty as a picture

Giving her Daddy a smile

Easter Eggs

Easter Surprise!

The Easter Bunny left a lovely Alice in Wonderland suprise in the backyard for Saylor. As Saylor stepped out back to hunt for eggs, she came across Alice, Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat having a tea party. There was a new Wonderland-themed tea set, Alice in Wonderland books, bookmark, and an eveyday mug.

As you can see, Saylor loved it!

Her face shows such sweet delight in the Alice and Wonderland pop up book.

Relaxing and reading in the sunlight coming through the window

Yummy Easter Desserts

These bunnies were too adorable and caught Saylor's attention as they sat calling her name inside the bakery section of Publix. Of curse, I heard them calling my name too. They had a fondant icing and were delicious!

Adorable whether coming or going

Miko has been looking for some Easter treats for himself.

Dying Eggs for Easter

Saylor dyed eggs ALL BY HERSELF!!! This was the year where she didn't need my help....except for the smelly vinegar part.

Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow

Going Green

The finger tips get dyed too.

Easter Fun at School

Planting Spring bulbs at School----Gladiolas

Searching for eggs out on the school playground. The kids really enjoyed this; one group hid eggs while the other group planted bulbs and then the other way around.

2nd Grade Girls are the Prettiest!

A Yummy Easter Treat

Golden Egg

Saylor made this Golden Egg at school