Thursday, June 24, 2010

Edible Ladybugs!!!

The next time you have a craving for strawberries or chocolate, why not combine both and eat Ladybugs?!?! This little strawberry treat is a fun way to get kids in the kitchen. I especially like this fun and simple treat because it requires very little assistance and kids get a true feeling of accomplishment since they did almost all the preparation themselves. This little dessert is a great way to use strawberries while they are at their peak in the summer and also a great way to provide a less sugary dessert!
What You'll Need:
*Strawberries for body(keep the leaves on the strawberries)
*red or purple grapes for head
*mini chocolate morsels for ladybug spots
**** Rinse strawberries and grapes. ---Slice each grape in half. ---Insert toothpick into grape and use to attach the "head" to the strawberry body by inserting at top.---Gently press a few mini chocolate morsels onto top of strawberry to create the black spots of a ladybug.
That's it! Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!
Note: We also created a bed of greens using celery leaves so that our Strawberry Ladybugs would have something to "munch" on. Any greens will work such as lettuce or even spinach leaves which will go great with the strawberries!---and if you can get your kids to eat the greens as well, then more power to you!

---Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten