Thursday, May 28, 2009

Philosophy, Debates, and Childhood Questions

For the last 2 days, Saylor could have won 1st palce in that show, "Kids say the Darndest Things". Last night, she begged, "Mommy, Can I pleeeese please pleeeezzzz, Oh pretty Please with ice cream and a cherry and Cool Whip and everything else that goes on top Can I pleeezzz just have one cookie and be able to eat it in my room? Ohhh, pretty please with anything sweet you want on top of my pretty please like ice cream and sprinkles. But, pleeeezzzz can I have just one cookie and I will put it on a napking and camn I pleeezzzzz eat it in my room?" Of course she is cute as a button b/c she is in her pajamas when she is asking me this and she has her little finger raised up everytime she says "Just One cookie".
David is out of town, so Saylor and I were making popcorn last night and getting a movie ready and she tells me, "Mom, did you know that in the bible it says that when Jesus comes again, He will judge the living and he dead?" I told her she was correct and she asked, "But, I don't understand. What does that mean? How is he gonna judge us? Is he gonna make all of us have a race or something or see how many push-ups or sit-ups we can do?" I explained to her that He was gonna judge us on how good or bad we have behaived and she said, "Oh, thats good. Cause I was worried he was gonna make us do push-ups or something and I am not good at that kind of stuff." PRECIOUS
Finally, Saylor had to sit in Time Out for 7 minutes this afternoon b/c she was arguing. She said her tummy hurt and I said it was b/c she ate junk food. And she said, No I also drank water and I always drink water and that is NOT junk food." So I explained that I wasn't talking about what she drank, I was talking about what she ATE. She had eaten some Cheez-Nips. She then argued that Cheez-Nips were healthy b/c they are made with 100% Real Cheese. Thanks to 1st grade, she can now read labels and food packages. So she proceeded to argue that since Cheez-Nips are made with 100% Real Cheese, it qualifies as healthy. What a nut!