Friday, March 4, 2011

{ Join the Butterfly Movement }

Upon returning home from school this afternoon, Saylor goes into her room to change out of school clothes. She comes out crying.
Thinking she hurt herself,  I alarmingly ask, "Oh No, What happened?" and she says, through a blubbery fit of sobs, "I just don't understand why billions of butterflies all over the world have to die in the name of science just so they can be pinned up in frames. There are some even dying RIGHT NOW (insert extreme flood of tears here)!"

I told her I understood why that would make her sad and I tried to lie saying scientists only use the ones that are already dead. She knew better than to believe that and wailed, "You're just saying that even though it's NOT TRUE!"
 I reminded her how much she loved science and she agreed science is still her absolute favorite.
However, she said she is also gonna join a group that stops the killing of butterflies. She concluded, "I still want to be a scientist when I grow up..... and a fashion designer."

After a long day, my husband, daughter, and I sit down to enjoy dinner. He and I are both in that, "Ahhh, feels good to sit down and enjoy a nice meal" zen-like moment when Saylor looks at my husband seriously from her place at the dinner table and states slowly, "Did you know that at this very moment, Butterflies are dying all over the world? And guess what, Daddy? I'm gonna find a group for me to join that saves butterflies!!!! We are going to be like butterfly rebels and I will yell things like, "Save the Butterflies!" 

I don't doubt this one bit. My daughter has the biggest heart and the spirit of an activist.

 I think my daughter can single handedly revitalize the hippy movement. However, a bath before bedtime will be a MUST!

Sealed with Peace, Love, Harmony, and a Kiss, Kirsten