Tuesday, May 18, 2010

---Field Trip Lessons in the Pioneer Life---

My husband and I had the pleasure of chaperoning our daughter's 2nd grade class field trip to the pioneer museum in Gainesville, Florida. The class had an extended unit on pioneer life where they learned about America's earlier years. The class also read Little House in The Big Woods. My daughter is now hooked on all things Laura Ingalls! The special treat for the day was that my Mother-in-Law was visiting us from Texas and was able to chaperone, as well, and see this very engaging and interactive museum. Saylor loved having her Grandmother along for the field trip.

Fresh Kettle Popped Corn

Kids could buy rock candy and rootbeer. A yummy treat.

Saylor and her classmates were able to use pioneer tools of the trade and  get a hands-on learning experience from workers dressed in period clothing.

I love the following pic of my husband's hands and Saylor
as he helps her with some of the hands-on learning.