Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ Vampires and Vampire Kiddie Palooza }

Look at the book I came across the other day. How messed up is this? Don't get me wrong, I love the Twilight series as much as the next person. I went through my Bella and Edward phase.  I read the books as if there was no tomorrow while at the same time secretly shamed and baffled that I was so super into a book categorized as Teen Fiction. NOTE: I am 100% Team Edward. But, this, THIS is ridiculous. Does the vampire pop culture phenomenon need to extend to young kids? I would never buy this for my daughter, however, I secretly want it for myself to mark and remember just how crazy this vampire phenomenon became and how I, in my 30s, was also wrapped up in it....along with lots of other women my age. (Kudos to the mom who was driving the minivan with the bumper sticker that said, "Mrs. Cullen" and the bumper sticker next to it that said, "Vampires Sparkle")  I didn't open this book, but, I imagine it says things like, See Jane Run. See Jane Scream. Maybe I will buy it and threaten my daughter that it will be her new bedtime story every time she sasses me. Jusssst Kidding.

Sealed with a Kiss (On the Neck!), Kirsten