Saturday, October 1, 2011

{ Yay Me }

Earlier this week, somewhere between hanging my head in the toilet multiple times and laying in misery (stomach flu), I entered a photo in a weekly Facebook photo contest on the Port St. Joe's Marina Facebook page.....and guess what? I won! And, I didn't just win bragging rights, I also won a Columbia logo Polo in lavender. Yay, me!
I took the picture when we went for a vacation with our friends, Candis and Derek, this summer to Port St. Joes on the Gulf side of Florida. We were sitting inside the marina's Dockside Cafe waiting for an afternoon rain shower to pass while sipping on pina coladas (or beer depending on who ordered what). The sunlight breaking through the rainclouds was coming in perfectly through the windows of the Dockside Cafe, the smell of rain, the slap of water against the docked boats, and day one of vacation with friends....Yup, it was definitely a photo moment. But, the real memory of this day lives on happily inside my mind.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten