Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Easter Basket runneth over.

Lots of Easter candy and American Girl Goodies
How did I ever exist before I bought a bow maker?

The Easter Basket I made for My Sweet Chicadee

Saylor was not happy with a plain basket and asked if I had any intentions on decorating it for her. I added pink and green iron on letters in two different fonts for a whimsical look(actually, the craft store did not have enough sets in either color or font. SO, I am calling it a chance occurance to be whimsical). I used my bow maker to make the bows and added the decorative eggs. Saylor was very pleased with the end result and said, "Yes, that looks much better than a plain basket."

Annual Eagle Harbor Easter Egg Hunt

Saylor was very excited to participate in the annual Eagle Harbor Easter Egg Hunt. Over 140 EH kids participated. It was a fun way to start the day.
A serious egg hunt competitor.
Oh the joy of an early morning Easter Egg Hunt
Running into friends at the annual egg hunt. Sooooo Popular!
Giving me a Popeye Look


Oh, How I absolutely love marzipan!....especially in cute shapes such as these.
A Bunny Family of Three---David, Saylor, and Me.
White bunny statues alwasy bring back wonderful childhood  memories of my neighbor who always had me call her, "Aunt Lexie." She had a collection of white bunny statues and I sometimes was given the "honor" of dusting them on a summer afternoon.....usually while the music of Ann Murray or John Denver played in the background.
This Easter Cream and Sugar set have a lovely vintage look to them which is of course the reason why I HAD to have them.
I love the vintage look of this pink-ish/purple-ish bunny. It looks like a bunny one of my Grandmothers might have had displayed on a shelf in their home.
I loved this bunny b/c it reminded me of Saylor. I sometimes call Saylor, "Peaches". I tell her that she is all the colors of Peach Sweet Tea and Honey and I thought this bunny was the same.
Chocolate-looking bunnies which look good enough to eat.


I am using Easter as an excuse to get back to my blog. The house is decorated in Bunnies Galore. A Bunnypalooza throughout the house which has delighted Saylor. She and I think that Custard the Cat is purposly using his tail to try to knock down bunnies.