Monday, December 6, 2010

{25 Days of Christmas---Day 6}

Is it December 6th already? Oh my! I had hoped that by stopping to capture a bit of Christmas everyday for my blog would slow it down a bit. But, it continues to zoom like a shooting star. Are you enjoying the poinsettias displayed around town? I am. I love the splash of red all about town....even though I think the white ones are my favorite. I've always thought that it would be the coolest thing if there was a Christmas lipstick that came out every year called Poinsettia Red. Isn't that a pretty name for a lipstick? If you know me, then you know I love my red lipsticks! Poinsettias remind me of my Mom. She loves them. When I was little, she always bought a few poinsettia plants at the grocery store and set them in the same spots every year throughout the house and on the brick planter in the front of the house. One might have been a gift from a neighbor or my grandfather might have given her one; usually a unique one like the white or pinkish poinsettias. She loves the beauty of  poinsettias as much today as she did when I was small. My mother and I had gone to a quilt festival a few years back and I liked how much she loved the red poinsettia quilt the most.
They also remind me of my husband's grandmother who he lovingly called, Grandma Plants, because she had a yard full of every plant and fruit bearing tree imaginable. And, in the heat of the deep valley of Texas, not far from the border, she had a small house and every inch of her yard was growing some sort of plant or tree. Not a seed ever went unplanted with Grandma Plants. So, I was amazed to one time see that she had poinsettias growing beautifully in the heat of the Texas sun.
Don't forget to stop and admire the poinsettias! Merry 6th Day of Christmas to you!

Sealed with a Poinsettia Red Kiss, Kirsten