Thursday, March 31, 2011

{ Milking a Rainy Day }

I like the rain. Always have. Especially storms. The best way to enjoy a stormy Spring day is at home. Today was such a day and I milked it for all it was worth....after dropping my daughter off at school.

How to Milk a Rainy Day For All It's Worth

Comfort Food is necessary such as tomato soup with Fritos floating on top. If the lightning is really bad, then add a grilled cheese sandwich b/c if the electricity goes out, at least your tummy will be comforted.

Take time to catch up on a good book. This is better than flipping through magazines which will only make you feel inferior and create a great false need for many superficial things. Save the magazines for non-rainy days. Besides, if the storms spawn a tornado, you'll feel plenty inferior while seaking shelter in a small space. Remember, rainy days are for comfort via a good book.

Make a cup of tea and talk like the Queen. You'll relax and feel fancy at the same time. Watch the rain out the window while you're waiting for the kettle to whistle and try to ignore the window reflection of your frizzed out humidity-induced rainy day hair.

And then, MOST important thing for milking a rainy day.....I cannot stress the importance of this enough---You should be imagining that serious scene from Star Wars when Yoda is telling Luke all about the Force---that is how serious I want you to take this next thing. Okay, the MOST important thing about milking a rainy day is the ultimate cat nap. Be sure to take one. No rainy day is complete without a catnap.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten