Monday, May 9, 2011

{ Project "Keep Flower Alive For Mommy"...and Quick Fixes }

My daughter and husband went Mother's Day shopping for me on Saturday while I enjoyed my quiet time here at home. They left at 2 and returned at 8 p.m that evening. From the sounds of it, their day together turned into a really fun Father-Daughter day which included picking the perfect table at Starbucks and enjoying Frappuccinos, Italian Sodas, Blondie Blast Brownie, and Scones. While shopping for a Mother's day gift, one of the stores was apparently handing out these little gerbera daisies in water viles. This was also the first store they went to...which meant they had to carry this flower in it's little water vile everywhere with them for 6 hours.

This became Project Keep Flower Alive For Mommy.
I like to think how adorable they must have looked walking all over the St. John's Town Center with this one single flower. As you can see, it became quite droopy as the day went on and by the time they made it home, the gerbera daisy was facing south. However, I still loved it as if it was a prize-winning rose. I tried placing it in various vases, but, that only increased the droop factor. So my husband had a light bulb moment and went to recycle bin and came back with what he considered the perfect vase to elevate the flower from the table surface.

Tada! Quick Fix! Men have a totally different way of thinking, indeed!

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten