Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9 Good Things Right Now

9 Good Things Right Now:

1. Leftovers for dinner. (Why did I list food first? Ugh, I should kick myself.)

2. Wearing my totally comfy fuzzy orange socks with the polka dots.

3. My daughter's best friend across the street still manages to smile as sweetly as she ever did even though she has officially lost all her hair due to chemo. A strong 9 year old girl.

4. Positive friends near and far.

5. My husband's eye is healing well after surgery. I love his honey-colored eyes.

6. The excitement and comfort in knowing that it is one day closer to November 1st--I get to see Sarah and my two nephews. I can't wait!!!

7. Cranberry Juice.

8. NPR

9. Eye Cream.