Sunday, March 13, 2011

{ Rita's Ice - Custard - Happiness }

Whenever we go to Atlantic Beach or Neptune Beach, we have to make a stop by Rita's on the way home. We HAVE to. It's not a, "Hey, so do you wanna go by Rita's when we head home?" It is more like, "So what flavor are you gonna get at Rita's on the way home?" There is no question about whether or not we will be making a stop at Rita's. It is assumed.

And let me tell you, the line is well worth the wait and I like the way their sign advertises
 * Ice * Custard * Happiness *
I will stand in line for Happiness that's for sure....well, I'll stand in line for Italian ice and custard too.

Rita's has a huge variety of Italian Ice and their best thing is a Gelati Cup which is 1 layer of custard, 1 layer of Italian Ice, and topped with one more layer of custard. Today, my husband ordered the mango Italian ice blended Gelati and I opted for the orange creme blend. Saylor went for the sprinkle loaded vanilla ice cream. We were as happy as 3 beach bums could be on the way home with our yummo icy treats......until the brain freeze hit.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten