Monday, October 4, 2010

S'More Goodness

In my household, S'mores reign supreme amongst favorite yummies for my husband and daughter. It's like one of those stats where I am sure if you lined up s'mores side by side it would circle the earth 3x---THAT is the level of S'more eating that goes on between the two of them. S'mores remind me of all my fond memories of my years in Girl Scouts and camping. I also associate S'mores as one of the perfect cold weather-cozy up by the fire-favorite socks on-sort of treats. So I have done some web-hunting for some S'more recipes with a twist...although nothing will ever compare to a good ol' classic s'more. Above, is Coastal Living Magazine's recipe for grilled banana s'mores. You know how there are certain recipes where as soon as you read them, you think, "OMGosh! I must go out and buy everything I need to make this right now!"? Well. this is one of those recipes. However, it is night time and my daughter is asleep, so I will be making plans to make this over the weekend which will be perfect after a busy week. Until then, all I will be thinking is grilled banana s'mores, grilled banana s'mores, grilled bana----you get the point. Below are 2 more yummo S'more recipes I came across.

S'more Tiramisu by Southern Living. Okay, basically, this is one of those desserts where I'm a math genius S'mores + Tiramisu= Pure Bliss + Heaven 
Click here for recipe.

Leave it to Gourmet Magazine to come up with S'more Pie. If anyone can turn S'mores into a yummo pie like this one, it would only be Gourmet magazine. Think yummy sweet chocolatey graham crackery cloud of toasted marshmallow in a dish. Cue the singing angels when this pie comes out of the oven. Click here for recipe.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten



What a beautiful start to the week. Here are 8 things which made me happy this morning:

1. It's sweater weather! Woke up to the first official chilly morning of the Autumn season.

2. My daughter's 3rd grade class won a Pizza Party today for having the most of any class in attendance at the Skate Night Fundraiser. They are thrilled!

3. Did not yawn once during my Monday Women's Bible Study which means I had a good night's rest.

4. Coffee

5. I saw not one, but two, huge bald eagles this morning! I also saw one last week. 

6. A brand new lawn! We had our landscapers put all new grass in the front and backyard over the weekend. It looked so pretty and green when I walked outside this morning.

7. I found the book of stamps I thought I had lost.

8. Hearing Brown-Eyed Girl on the radio- a song which reminds me of my daughter-while driving her to school this morning.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten

Cherry Witch Pie

The pale witch tried to scare me
as she flew through the sky.

So I invited her to tea
and baked her into a pie.


I made a classic cherry pie and for a fun Halloween twist, my daughter and I added creepy non-toxic plastic fingers, eyeballs, and rats. Before placing the fingers into the pie, I dipped them in a bit of raspberry preserves to create an "oozing" look. We named it Cherry Witch Pie. It was a fun little way to kick off the month of October.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten