Monday, May 16, 2011

{ Greenishness }

I've had this poem on my mind. The one by Robert Frost that goes, Nature's first green is gold. Her hardest hue to hold..." I've never met a Robert Frost poem I didn't like with my favorite being his poem, Birches. So with all this Springishness around me which is quickly turning into the heat of summer...and with all the greenishness of Spring, I naturally grabbed my camera and took notice of the greenishness of things.

the banana peppers I grew which went into the pizza I made

the smug green lizard in my backyard who enjoyed having his picture taken

even the simplest of things looks pretty on a window sill with sunlight coming through

i love crescent beach

my sweet daughter and her friends holding little sprouts of greenishness in my backyard

i love olives. i looovvve olives. have i mentioned how much i love olives? i also love olive green

my daughter's green nail polish which she says is lucky

fern green

waiting to be kissed

roma tomatoes

the little tree my daughter dug up from the sand at the park and brought home in her water bottle

i'm growing jalapenos which is the same as growing spicy fire balls

pistachio green eyes

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten