Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Day at the Fair

I can't think of a better place to be on a beautiful Spring day than the annual Clay County Fair in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Saylor and I had a wonderful time together. The smell of cotton candy, BBQ, and livestock brought back memories of my home in Texas. Our area is so pleasant and the county does a great job on making the fair feel downhome and local. I couldn't help but recall the fair scenes from Charlotte's Web when Wilber wins the Grand Prize.

Pig races are quite entertaining. Some pigs are fast and some pigs are slow.

This little piggy went "Wee Wee Wee" all the way home

You can get just about everything on a stick at the fair. We opted for Chicken on a Stick.

The Strawberry Shortcakes were especially tempting

You can even eat Chinese food at the fair

But, if you're feeling adventurous, you might enjoy some Alligator Eggs. Gotta love Florida!

Baby Pot Belly Pigs For Sale

You've got to appreciate a goat who knows how to stand in the most opportune place---Right next to the food dispenser! Saylor had a hard time putting her quarters in the machine to get food b/c the goat was using his tongue to try to get the money from her hand and the food from the dispenser as it cranked out.

Lemonade is a great way to refresh

You've gotta wear a lemonade face when ordering lemonade

You absolutely have to get some Cotton Candy!

Of course, having a sweet little girl to enjoy the fun with is a MUST!

A Saucy Inspiration

It wasn't the first time I found myself in the store wondering what to make for dinner and trying to avoid the same old-same old. I was in the pasta aisle and came across this pasta sauce. I have learned that just about any product with the picture of a mother and/or the word "Mom" added to it is usually gonna be pretty good. It became the inspiration for a yummo pasta dinner. The sauce was delicioso! I will certainly buy it again!

Of course, the organic portobello mushrooms looked equally appealling

and what is a yummo pasta dinner without one of my top five favorite wines? I love this wine named after Francis Coppola's daughter, Sophia. It is a very light blush which runs in the $17-$20 range depending on where you buy it.

Yay, Me!!!

I received my very first blog award!!!! Thanks so much to Julie w/ !!!!
I am ubber thrilled and encouraged to continue my online blogging and journaling with this Sunshine Award!