Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paper Flowers

Who remembers making paper flowers as a kid and spritzing them with your mom's favorite perfume? On many occasions, I would make paper flowers as a kid in my room and present it to my mom or a teacher as if it was an award winning rose. I used Brawny paper towels at the time. haha. These flowers also make me think of a theme park that once existed in Houston, Texas called Astroworld. There was a kiosk booth which sold these large colorful paper flowers. I use to have one balanced on the top drape in the window of my bedroom.

*Here is a fun quick
easy peezy lemon squeezy
way to make Paper Flowers*

First: Stock up on some party napkins in your colors of choice. I chose Fall colors in shades of burgundy, orange, yellow, and brown. Party supply stores are the best place to find a variety of colors at a low price.

Second: Open one napkin flat on a surface

Third: Choose one or two more colored napkins. Open and layer on top of first napkin. In the photo I off centered the layers to illustrate directions. However, make sure each napkin is even with the one underneath when doing this.

Fourth: Fold the napkins into an accordion/fan style fold

Fifth: Use a sturdy cord to tie the fan in center. I used Bowdabra Bow Wire from Bowdabra .

Sixth: Using scissors, cut a "V" shape or inverted "V" shape at the end of each fan. Use either "V" shape to create a variety in petal styles.

Seventh: Separate each napkin layer on both ends to create the flower.
And then Tada!!!!! There you have it---Paper Flower Palooza
I used these and filled a basket next to my fireplace for Fall and I also used one to decorate the top of a Get Well Package for my daughter's teacher. I think the paper flower possibilities are endless. I plan on making some Poinsettia-style paper flowers in December in reds, whites and pinks! Some will decorate my house and others will be perfect for adding on top of Christmas presents!

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten


Bike Ride

My daughter on that last bike ride of the summer just before the start of Autumn. It was one of those late afternoons where we could smell and see the season changing and summer trying to hang on for one last final big Hoorah. To think that I took this photo just a few weeks ago and now here I am thinking about what size Thanksgiving turkey I should buy this year and putting together my Christmas card list. If only everyday could be like the lazy days of summer through the days of my daughter's childhood.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten