Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day I had the sort of Memorial Day I was hoping for---relaxing. We spent all day outdoors. To the right and to the left and across the water from us, you could here the sounds of neighbors' screen doors opening and shutting soflty as they came in and of of their backyards to check their BBQ pits and enjoy the outdoors. I have always loved the sound of a screen door--perhaps b/c it reminds me of the South, Summer, childhood and home. I don't even mind the grainy screech they can sometimes make when they need to be oiled or the SLAM!-sound they make when the springs are old. We enjoyed hearing, "whoohoo" from the yard next door when their teenage boy caught a fish. Saylor splashed around in her pool, enjoyed a visit from the baby geese and their ever watchful parents. She continuously carried a conversation with the geese which was just plain adorable and forgot that David and I could hear her. She was telling the adult geese, "If you wanna make my backyard your home, you can. We don't mind. You can let your babies live with us and I can babysit them and take good care of them while yall go out and catch fish. I promise I will take care of yall if you live in my backyard with me." David and I got plenty of sun as we sat outside and enjoyed some drinks. We grilled, of course. Montreal Steaks, Mojo Chicken thighs. We also grilled some corn on the cob, vidalia onions, and pineapple. Everything was soooo yummy! Dessert: Raspberry Jello w/ sliced bananas and strawberries in it. Saylor was in charge of serving it--she layered it in cups w/ Cool Whip. Saylor described the pink lemonade I made her as "Glorious" and said, "Mom, I just don't know how you do it." and then took another sip and delighted in it by closing her eyes and licking her lips. Little moments like that are priceless. David and I have fallen in love with Georgia's Vidalia onions which are at the peak of their season. David brought a bunch home form work and we have been using them for onion rings, grilling, meatloaf, etc. They are sooo sweet and flavorful. The grocery stores are running specials on the Vidalia onions, roadside stands are announcing, "Georgia Vidalia Onions" and the Fleming Island Meat Market is selling "Stuffed Georgia Vidalia Onions"---for $6--choose from pork stuffing or beef. Mmmm! Saylor had fun covering the onion in butter, wrapping it in foil, and taking it out to Daddy to put on the pit.We wrapped up the day by flossing corn out of our teeth, and snuggling up on the sofa for a movie---Seven Pounds which happened to be a very good film. The rains eventually came in around 8 p.m. in the form of a serious lightning storm and showers. All in all, it was a lovely Memorial Day and a great start to the summer!