Monday, December 27, 2010

{ Advertising Shmavertising }

While shopping at a popular toy store this month, I noticed various signs along the aisles advertising, "SAVE NOW" by texting a certain code to the toy store's phone app.  I figured why not give it a try? I texted the code only to receive a reply text message from the store saying I had signed up to receive text messages alerting me of sales and promos. Urg! That annoyed me b/c I can't stand junk e-mails and texts. I assumed that at any moment I would receive a text saying, "SAVE NOW" with some sort of Willie Wonka style golden ticket that would allow me to save on my current purchase. No such luck. Zero-Zip-Zilch-Nada. During my shopping experience a sales lady walking down the aisle looks at my basket and says, "It looks like you are spending more than a $100. Would you like a coupon for $10 off today's purchase?" To which I respond with, "Sure. Thanks!" I still had not received a text with some sort of special savings on toys. Nevertheless, after loading the basket with a few more toys, I go to the register feeling super special with my $10 Off Coupon. The clerk rings everything up and gives me my total. I present her with the store coupon and she tells me it doesn't apply to pretty much everything I bought i.e. Barbies, Wii Games, DS Games, Ipod speakers, etc. URG! But, in her best fake Customer Service 101 smile, she says that I can purchase $65 more of the "eligible" toys, i.e. cheezy boring toys my kid will never play with, in order to get my $10 OFF. Okay, this makes ZERO sense to me. I tell her no thanks and she responds with an "Okayyyy" and a sort of huffy sigh as if I am making some huge mistake. I try to remain in the Christmas spirit which means I ignore all this, say thanks, take my purchases, and leave. 
I received my first text from the store's app this evening at 10 p.m.-----a chance to "SAVE NOW after Christmas on all skateboards and gear." The fine print---"Online Purchases Only" Neither of which we need.

Sealed With a Kiss, Kirsten

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dannigirl said...

that stinks girl. there is always a catch!
btw, loved the card. yours should be arriving soon.;o)