Sunday, January 30, 2011

{ Long Way Home }

Now that the Christmas Season has passed, I no longer have Christmas carols running around in my mind like busy little elves. Now, I have other songs in my head, like this one, Long Way Home , by Tina Dickow. In case I haven't mentioned it before, 1/2 of my family lives in Denmark; aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
My cousin, Nina, in Denmark, sent me Dickow's The Road to Gavle CD about a year ago. I absolutely love it.  Plus, sometimes when I am listening to the CD, I like to imagine that my dear cousins on the other side of the world are doing the same thing I am doing while humming and singing along to the music while folding clothes, picking up after their children,wondering what to make for dinner. I really like the words to Long Way Home . So here is whats playing on my Virtual Victrola . Click here for a listen. It is my song for you. Gosh, I LOVE this song and this CD!

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten

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ArtyZen said...

Lovely pictures - don't know the actual song you are referring to (will check it out) but you set the elves off in my head singing the Supertramp song of the same name! (Actually it might be 'Take the long way home' but it's playing in my head for the day now!