Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{ De Colores }

Yes, I know it's over. But, I am still playing catch up on my photos of the Dia de los Muertos masks my daughter and I made. I love all the colors and the flowers involved with this celebration and it makes me think of the song De Colores which my parents often played when I was growing up.

We painted the masks white and then added lots of color, gems, and flowers to make them look very Dia de los Muertos style.

For the month of October, we set up a fun colorful Dia de los Muertos table. 

In addition to the masks, we made Dia de los Muertos coffins which we decorated with flowers and glitter and of course lots of colorful paints. Saylor used her imagination and wrote things like, "Flora Chiquita" and "Beautiful Soul" on the coffins.

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten


ArtyZen said...

Glorious and gruesome.
I'm not used to this custom. We do Halloween in England - obviously on 31st October - and there is Todos Santos on 1st November here in Spain. This is the day when most florists make their annual salary, selling huge quantities of flowers for people to take to their dead relatives. It's the same idea but celebrated in very different ways!
You've made some brilliant things and done a most impressive display and I think the green hand is absolutely fantastic!

My Name is Kirsten Not Kristen said...

Thanks :) How interesting about the florists and it being a very profitable day for them. I would have to say that day is Mother's Day here and Valentine's Day. Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of the dead which is more part of the latin culture here and is often decorated with colorful flowery skulls, lots of flowers, marigolds, and the belief that it is a day out of the year where the dead return in spirit form to celebrate with the living so in many ways the dead are remembered and instead of being morbid it is a colorful celebratory time. Like I said, only the latin cultures here incorporate it into the Halloween festivities. We also celebrate Halloween on the 31st and then All Saints Day and All Sould Day on the two following days. Latin cultures incorporate Dia de los muertos into these 3 days. I love all the flowers and colors associated with it. Sometimes a table is set up and also latin cultures will leave trinkets or an apple food, a glass of wine, etc. at the graves of ones that have passed on. Our church which is Catholic has a beautiful mass in the graveyard on the weekend of Halloween and everyone brings their picnic blankets and candles. Very pretty.