Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paper Flowers

Who remembers making paper flowers as a kid and spritzing them with your mom's favorite perfume? On many occasions, I would make paper flowers as a kid in my room and present it to my mom or a teacher as if it was an award winning rose. I used Brawny paper towels at the time. haha. These flowers also make me think of a theme park that once existed in Houston, Texas called Astroworld. There was a kiosk booth which sold these large colorful paper flowers. I use to have one balanced on the top drape in the window of my bedroom.

*Here is a fun quick
easy peezy lemon squeezy
way to make Paper Flowers*

First: Stock up on some party napkins in your colors of choice. I chose Fall colors in shades of burgundy, orange, yellow, and brown. Party supply stores are the best place to find a variety of colors at a low price.

Second: Open one napkin flat on a surface

Third: Choose one or two more colored napkins. Open and layer on top of first napkin. In the photo I off centered the layers to illustrate directions. However, make sure each napkin is even with the one underneath when doing this.

Fourth: Fold the napkins into an accordion/fan style fold

Fifth: Use a sturdy cord to tie the fan in center. I used Bowdabra Bow Wire from Bowdabra .

Sixth: Using scissors, cut a "V" shape or inverted "V" shape at the end of each fan. Use either "V" shape to create a variety in petal styles.

Seventh: Separate each napkin layer on both ends to create the flower.
And then Tada!!!!! There you have it---Paper Flower Palooza
I used these and filled a basket next to my fireplace for Fall and I also used one to decorate the top of a Get Well Package for my daughter's teacher. I think the paper flower possibilities are endless. I plan on making some Poinsettia-style paper flowers in December in reds, whites and pinks! Some will decorate my house and others will be perfect for adding on top of Christmas presents!

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten


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