Monday, October 31, 2011

{ Jack, our lantern }

We carved the pumpkin this evening. I say WE, but, I can't take too much credit. I supervised and removed the seeds from the pulp, while my husband carved and my daughter gutted the pumpkin. I thought it was sweet that he added a "beauty mark" and told Saylor, "Now we can say it looks like, Mommy." Luckily, I have more teeth than our pumpkin. 

While carving the pumpkin, the sun was setting and Saylor was having fun getting her hands in the "pumpkin brains". We threw some pulp into the water to feed the turtles and my husband said the pumpkin was making him crave pumpkin empanadas. 

Sealed with a Kiss, Kirsten


ArtyZen said...

Hi Jack! He's gorgeous and I'm full of envy because I can't find a nice orange pumpkin here in Alcala - there are plenty of other sorts of squash but no one here carves lanterns at Halloween....:-( Next year, we're going to grow our own.

My Name is Kirsten Not Kristen said...

No pumpkins? That's crazy talk! Plant those pumpkin seeds now and have a pumpkin by this time next year. Carve it and you'll start a new local trend :) I've always wanted my own pumpkin patch...right next to the vineyard, I want too. haha